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Alantarìa Brut

Spumante IGT Terre Siciliane

This Charmat method sparkling wine is characterised by its fragrant bouquet, pleasant freshness and good balance. Excellent as an aperitif, or with meals, it’s ideal for those who want to toast to special occasions with the Sicilian wine. His name “Alantarìa”, which in Sicilian dialect stands for “gallantry”, evokes Mediterranean suggestions and expresses romance, antique elegance and savoir-faire.

Grape varieties: Insolia

Vineyards: loamy soils at an altitude of about 200 m above sea level

Raccolta: September

Ageing: in steel vats e 2 months in the bottle

Perlage: abbastanza delicato e persistente

Production method: the grapes, carefully selected, are gently pressed and then subjected to 48 hours of settling at a low temperature. The juice is fermented at controlled temperatures. The base sparkling wine produced is then poured into sealed tanks, where, thanks to the addition of yeasts, place a second fermentation process that triggers the spontaneous transformation of residual sugar, it is made from the carbon dioxide that gives the wine its delicate perlage

Alcohol content: 11,5% vol.

Colour: pale yellow

Nose: notes of fig, apricot and dried fruit

Palate: intense and aromatic with hints of yeast and fruity fragrant

Serving temperature: 6-8°C

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